Stop Leaks Automatically

Leak damage can happen quickly, over time, or both. The SECURE LeakStop protects your property from damage by shutting off the water when a leak is detected.

Automatically Shut Off Leaks

The SECURE LeakStop System monitors your water system (irrigation, plumbing, hydroponics, etc.) and automatically shuts off your water when a leak is detected, preventing damage and saving you money. Once the water is shut off, the AnyStat app send an alert to you and preferred service provider.

Average Cost of Water Damage Repair

Leaks cost more than just wasted water and an increase in the water bill.

Over time, even a small leak can cause catastrophic damage to walls, floors and other parts of a home or business, adding costly repairs that need more than just the plumber‘s bill.

For business owners, the repair process may even require the business to be closed for days, or weeks, costing revenue.

24/7 Monitoring and Notifications

Using the SECURE AnyStat app, you can set custom thresholds, alerts and automations.  Alerts can be sent to both you and your plumbing or irrigation service provider, for faster repairs.

The AnyStat app is available on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Wireless Communication

The SECURE LeakStop is a battery-powered, wireless system, meaning it works even during an electricity outage.

With a 3-year battery life, and battery health notifications, the LeakStop System never misses an emergency.

Cheap, Long-Range Data

The SECURE LeakStop uses LoRaWAN technology to communicate between the sensors and devices that automate the valve shut off.

With longer range than wifi, and cheaper data costs than cellular, the LoRaWAN is the perfect solution for both outdoor and indoor systems.

Complete Peace of Mind

Rest easy, whether at home or away on vacataion, know that your property is being monitored and protected by the SECURE LeakStop, the AnyStat app, and the service provider of your choice!

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