We Solve the World’s Greatest Challenges

Our tools and services use Next-Generation IoT (Internet of Things) technology and devices to enable property managers, businesses and homeowners to contribute to the sustainable use of World’s most valuable resources:






Our Sustainable water management tools enable Hotels & Resorts, Multi/Single-family homes and large commercial farming operations to monitor, maximize and conserve water use.

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From Graywater, to Air-to-Water, SECURE’s innovative water technology enables homes and businesses to conserve water and operate more sustainably.

Smart LeakStop System


Smart Irrigation – Base Package


Atmospheric Water Generator




Save time and money while contributing to sustainability.

Solar systems, energy efficient lighting, wifi outlets, EV Chargers and more, we partner with world-class manufacturers to develop energy efficient systems that enable property managers, businesses and homeowners to convert their property in to an energy-saving, cost efficient, automated Smart Property.

Smart Home Control Panel


EV Charger – Level 2 EVSE, 15.4kw


Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb


HomeGrid Lithium Iron Stack’d Series Battery Storage


SuperRatchet Tie Down with Double-J Hook


SuperBag – The Ultimate Storage Tool


360Swivel D-Ring and Winch Combo Package


10 pcs DOT-C2 Conspicuity Reflective Tape 2×12” Red White Strip


4″ x 27′ Standard Ratchet Tie-down


Flex Protect – Anti-Vibration Impact Resistant Work Gloves



Inventors of the SuperRatchet and the AnyMount Cargo Control System, for years, SECURE Tool has been innovating next-generation tools to help workers in the world’s most dangerous industries perform their jobs more efficiently and safely.

Whether hauling a weekend toy, or suspending an I-beam 20 stories off the ground, SECURE Tool has the tools you  need to get the job done.

SECURE AnyStat App

AnyStat integrates next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) technology and devices into your commercial property, residential home or industrial workspace.

Accessible by laptop, tablet or mobile phone, the AnyStat app enables data-driven decisions, eliminating human error and saving time, money and natural resources.

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We design, manufacture, and build beautiful, sustainable, energy-efficient, disaster-proof homes using shipping containers.


Provides installation and service solutions to clients, transforming any property, commercial or residential, into a sustainable one.