Our Tools Solve the World’s Greatest Challenges

Yesterday’s tools can’t solve today’s challenges.

That’s why we partner with regional manufacturers whenever possible, and work with supply chain partners that share our ESG values and commitments, to develop next-generation tools to solve present-day challenges.

Our Tools & Solutions


Tools that create safety and efficiency in the world’s most dangerous occupations, such as transportation, mining and construction


Tools that make clean drinking water, sustainable energy and secure housing accessible to everyone, ensuring that core societal functions can be accomplished affordably and efficiently.


Our service arm installs our complete lineup of smart water management and other sustainable tools and systems, turning client houses into sustainable homes. 


Tools that make education, work opportunities and financial management accessible to everyone, ensuring that anyone can rise above poverty.

How We Do It

We design…

The greatest challenge, is seeing how the the everything is integrated. How does sunlight affect water generation? How does humidity affect sustainable, affordable housing?

We look at problems from all angles and design our tools from the ground up.



 The development of resilient, self-sufficient supply chains is of critical importance to solving any challenge.

SECURE Tool Store carries using locally made products and uses locally-sourced materials for our in-house transportation products.  Our MetaWork tools provide entrepreneurs access to a global 3D-printing network, enabling them to sell parts and products right where they’re needed.

 A strong manufacturing base is a critical component of any solution.


We educate…

Education is is crucial.

We educate local clients and users in the safe and efficient use use of SECURE Tool products.

MetaWork has a robust training program that teaches entrepreneurship, blockchain, additive manufacturing, financial management and more. 

Next-generation physical and digital tools.

The future is a combination of the the physical and digital.

As economies and societies change, so to do the tools required to solve new problems. Purely physical tools such as ratchet straps, have expanded to include purely digital tools, such as the NFT spaceships of our Star Atlas investment.

IoT (Internet of Things) devices, transmit digitial information to create physical automation, thereby integrating both digital and physical.