SECURE Tool AnyStat

AnyStat is our next-generation IoT device monitoring and automation tool.

Lower Costs. Improved Efficiency. Transparent Data.

AnyStat allows you to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices into your home or industrial workspace, enabling next-generation technology to make data-driven decisions and eliminate human error.

Track Data

AnyStat is protocol-agnostic meaning it can be used by any IoT device transmitting on any system.

Automate Systems

Data received by AnyStat can be used to trigger automations for connected devices.

Receive Alerts

Get an alerts whenever a connected device detects that a predetermined threshold has been reached.

Collect Actionable Data

SECURE AnyStat allows you to add any number of devices, detecting any physical property you want, and monitor them via mobile or desktop/laptop. You can also visualize the date via in-app graphs and charts.

Customize Alarms

Create complex alarms using boolean logic. You can then receive alerts directly to your phone or email when sensor data meets your customized threshholds.

Set Up Regions

Regions” can geographic, or data-type dependent. AnyStat gives you the flexibility to concentrate on only the sensors you need by grouping them together according to any criteria you need.

Automating Data-based Actions Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

SECURE Tool AnyStat makes it easy to monitor physical data and create automations based on the data.

"Tracking physical data is only halfway there. The true goal is to use that data to create automated workflows and eliminate human error."

– Scott Holbrook – Director of Sales

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