Afforable, Sustainable Homes

We design, manufacture, and build beautiful, sustainable, energy-efficient, disaster-proof homes using shipping containers.

A Home for Any Location

Shipping containers are both inexpensive and nearly indestructible, providing homeowners sustainability, affordability and peace of mind.

Each structure can be outfitted with the full lineup of SECURE sustainable products

SECURE AnySpace – Temporary Housing Units

The SECURE AnySpace THU is a fold-out structure that’s suitable for disaster relief housing, on-site offices and military housing units.  They were specifically designed to be easy to store, transport and deploy (sets up in 2 minutes, with 3 workers and ordinary tools) in a variety of situations and environments.

Fire resistant, and rated to withstand winds of up to 113 kmh (70 mph), the AnySpace is as sturdy as it is versatile, providing safe shelter when it’s needed the most.

Smart Home Ready

Each build can be outfitted with SECURE Tool state-of-the-art Smart Home Technology to maximize water and energy conservation, as well as the money you save, while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Learn more about our solutions in the videos below.